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New Album Product by Creative Sources Record "On sale"

New album "Marina on Mars"

Jean Philippe Gomez: synthesizer analog + voice

Guillaume Gargaud: guitar + objects


Guillaume Gargaud and Jean Philippe Gomez met in training Nozal Cube in 2011. Both languages, however, opposed to the improvisers were quickly granted, the duel was born. The sounds of cold mixer loop are confronted with the heat of the prepared guitar. The emulsion is, the colors and directions are breaking, changing every moment. The voice is sometimes punctuate, comment or imitate electronics. The concentration of the protagonists says a lot about the risks of improvisation ever more sensitive multiply-limites. Experience syncope, collapse, projection or hardcore delicate rustle, the pleasure is in finding a live open to all public and in the most unexpected places disparate (squat, gallery, bar, outdoor ....)

"Rough stridencies, chirpings and gurgles gush from the bowels of a loop, analog and antediluvian console or synthesizer (also analog), the 'vocals' are cartoony and cyclothymic guitar. It's full of bumps, reefs, nooks and humour." (LE NONJAZZ Paris).


Events: 2014-2015


  • 23/04 Barcelona @Festival MIXTUR 2015

  • 13/02 Prague @Školská 28 Art Gallery 

  • 12/02 Ostrava @ The house Art

  • 05/02 Le Havre @MuMa "Museum of Modern Art"

  • 16/01 Basel @oslo10

  • 15/01 Besançon @ Atelier de l'étoile

  • 20/12 Toulouse @ La Maison Peinte

  • ---/12  Marseille @Asile 404

  • 13/12  Lille@CCL

  • 12/12  Amesterdam@Paume 4bid Gallery OT301 Overtoom 301

  • 11/12  Amesterdam@Dokhuis Gallery

  • 10/12 The Hague@Stichting Centrum at Villa K

  • 22/11 Caen @Le Doc

  • 15/11 Porto @Sonoscopia

  • 07/11 Zürich @Win

  • 06/11 Berlin @T Berlin with Mike Majkowski

  • 05/11 Berlin @Al Hamra with Raymond Alan Kaczynski

  • 04/11 Berlin  @art-stalker with Raymond Alan Kaczynski "drummer"

  • 03/11 Berlin  @Madame Claude 

  • ---/10  Jerusamel @Uganda

  • ---/10  Haifa @Syrup Sonoscopia Drumer

  • 09/09 United Kingdom @Colchester arts centre

  • 05/07 Le Havre @Festival TourneSon

  • 04/05 GLITCH @ Recording a new album to Le Havre here

  • 01/05 Paris @Treize le NonJazz (+MV Carbon+H&M)

  • 22/02 Le Havre PiedNu with Jean-Luc Petit "clarinette"


Past events 2013

  • 28/11 Le Havre PiedNu

  • 16/06 Rennes L’éLaBoratoire (+Zwann eï)

  • 06/05 Montreuil aux Dimanche de l’impro (+P.Pannier+F.Villard)

  • 25/05 Crest Les concerts (pas) trop forts

  • 24/05 St Etienne la Cour

  • 23/05 Lyon GrrZero

  • 29/04 Albi Au Frigo

  • 28/04 Toulouse la Maison Peinte (+Heddy Boubaker+S.Cirotteau)

  • 27/04 Burgaud Café du Burgaud

  • 26/04 Peyrelevade Au Croulag

  • 26/02 Bruxelles LE LOCAL (+Gong Extentions)

  • 11/02 Nantes APO33 (+Extrasystole+J.Ottavi)

  • 28/01 Paris Olympique Café  (nonjazz + Bolus)

  • 27/01 Paris TRASH VORTEX (+Jean-Luc Gionnet+Seijiro Murayama)

  • 12/01 Paris Cirque électrique (+B.Parmegiani+Black Sifichi+Marco Marini)

  • 06/12 Caen Preaubis (+Patrice Grente+Idm theft able)



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Individual Biography:


Jean Philippe Gomez is a visual artist who works with paint and sound in a concrete style. He swings from one to the other to find the answers to his questions. Improviser, researcher and self-taught acoustically, he has been working collaboratively on the concept of ‘Nozal’ he created since attending School of Fine Arts (1982-1987), which is a free improvisation music group with variable geometry. He has also been painting and working on installation art and projects in numerous exhibitions in France and touring in Europe and the United States.recently he formed a duo Reccurent (guitar synthesizer analog + voice) with guillaume Gargaud



1987: Studied in Le Havre School of Fine Arts. He founded Nozal (with Patrick Lebret and Pierre Creton), which performed in unusual premises and alternative places such as a musical instrument, churches, oil tanks, caves, blockhouses, and designed sound installations and videos in art galleries.
1994: Performed with Nozal + (improvised concrete music duo with Yannick Nedelec) which mainly questioned and compared multicast digital to analogue sounds. Nozal+ co-directed ‘the Centrifugal Listening Space’ (an acoustic merry-around) in which they performed numerous concerts & sound installations with H.A.U.T a music company based in Lille.
2002: Became an active member of the association PiedNu in Le Havre. He started a hardcore baroque band called "Les belles bêtes underground et Nico".
2004: Performed with Nozal Cube (improvised concrete music trio with Emmanuel Lalande and Arnaud le Mindu).
2006: Toured in the United States
2006: Performed in a duo with Arnaud Rivière
2007: Toured in Europe and in the United States
2009: Performed in a duo with Nicolas Lelièvre
2010: Performed in a duo with Michel Hubert
       : Performed in a duo with François Lebegue
2011: Performed in a duo Z point
       : Performed in a trio with Lalande & Id m theft ble
2012: Performed in a duo with Guillaume Gargaud
2013: Performed in a duo with Guillaume Laurent
2014: Performed in a trio with Jean-Luc Petit & Gargaud

In parallel, he also performs solo and continues his pictorial research and his work as a visual artist.

COLLABORATIONS                                           DISCOGRAPHY one OZ+

Schéma 17                                                          1995"microphonie" Nozal +

Jean François Pauvros                                       1996 "abat aléatoire"

idm theft able "U.S"                                           1998 "bruissage"

Jacques Wright                                                    2001 "nozal+"

Arnaud Rivière                                                    2004 " dernier repos"

Nicolas Lelièvre                                                  2005 "solide" Nozal Cube "II" "III"

Pierre Madic et Nico Biger                               2006 "bretzel"

Guillaume Gargaud                                          2007 "beaver's canoë"

Hubert Michel



Fractal music 01 "satie tati.kaki" sur station mir/trance femel co

2011 carnet de notes 25 sur l'art pénultième NPH 05



Jess Harvell,, Baltimore U.S Luc Bouquet, Improjazz Joel Pagier, Improjazz




Guillaume Gargaud (Born in France in 1979) is a composer and improvisational guitarist. He's already released about ten albums and composed many musics for contemporary dance. He lives in Le Havre in France where he also teaches music.



«Guillaume Gargaud’s style of improvisational guitar and electronics is intriguing and absorbing; jumping back and fourth between harsh glitches and soothing soundscapes and visiting everything inbetween. Gargaud conjures up sounds like you’ve never heard before; combing a rich and full melodic Americana style of guitar playing with huge walls of fierce electronic noise and delicate droning, creating mammoth and highly varied textures. His music will lift you to enormous euphoric highs via twisted glacial landscapes and then leave you breathless in a black hole of psychedelia».


Dead pilot records UK



He started playing guitar when he was 15, after he was injured in a road accident and forced to stay home for a year. In 1997, in addition to his cabinetmaking studies where he practiced sculpture, marquetry, restoration of antique furniture and art drawing, he worked on his instrument on his own and performed in different bands. In 1999, after passing his exams he decided to dedicate himself to music and he entered the professional course of IIMA lead by Laurent Rousseau. He then studied composition, musical analysis, jazz, contemporary and improvised music. During his studies he experimented with multiple forms of music (free jazz, bebop...).


In 2003 , he became a permanent member of the artist collective Zwann eï . He composes for performances, installations, sound poetry and movies. He realises visual creations and integrates laptop ( Ableton, Max msp) in his sound research system which was until then made of pedals, analog effects and objects. His implication in the collective will give him the opportunity to discover a new vision of writing and of the interactive relationships connected to picture, body and to literature.


In 2007 he decided to stop his tours to devote himself to his solo music and to get more involved into teaching by creating some improvised music workshops. Many trips, projects, live performances and recording will follow. Work with Loïs Laplace (Cycling 74), Federico Barabino (Buenos aires), Yumi Fujitani (danse butô, Paris), Les Conserveries mémorielles (Québec), Marc Roques (Zooloop, Paris), Sequana Deux (Contemporary Art from Le Havre to Paris "ABRUIT"), Jannick Schou (Denmark), Raphaël Maze and Francois Lebègue (“Light Cone " experimental cinema Paris), Nozal cube (Le Havre), The Future Ethnic Comparative Research Lab. (Paris), La cité de la musique (Paris), Sandrine Lascaux (Lecturer, Le Havre University), JP.Gomez, JP Buisson (Le Havre) M.Thouseau and V.Sauve (Paris), Blaise Merino (London), Mangane (Senegal), P.Sigmoon (Cambodia).


In 2008, he released his first solo album “Le Lieu” produced by Dirty Demos (UK), then in 2009 two CDs “She” with Utech Records (USA) and “Here” with Kvist Records (USA). And in 2011” Lost Chords” with Dead pilot Records UK.



«On his latest record, 2011’s Lost Chords, Gargaud has created an essential piece of music for the electronic avant-garde, a masterwork that ranks alongside Fennesz’s Black Sea in regards to its sophistication, attention to detail, influence and brilliance. While being an electronic record, it also stands as a beautiful solo guitar record, recalling elements of Steffen Basho-Junghans or Nick Drake.»


Groovenime Reviewed by Neil Levens


Indieville Matt Shimmer, Toronto, Canada.
Vital Weekly, Frans de Waard, Netherlands.
Phil,Norman Records, UK.

Néosphères, France.
Tobias Fischer, Tokafi, Germany.
Symbolic sound corporation, US.
Brainwashed, CreaigDunton, US.   
Aquarius Records Sans Fransisco, California.  
Foxy digitalis, New Zealand.  
Norman Record, UK

FuturSequence, Germany.

Inactuelle Musique Singulières, France.
The Silent Ballet, Brooklyn, US.
Sick of motion, Best album 2011, France.

Les énergumenes, Chronique-Croisée, France.




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4bid Gallery OT301 Overtoom 301 Amsterdam

MUMA Museum of Modern Art to Le Havre FR

With Raymond Alan Kaczynski at Art-Stalker BERLIN

DOC at Caen

With Mike Majkowski Live at T-Berlin

WIM Zurich

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